Welcome to Ramon's Village Resort on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.
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The Resort

Services and Amenities

At Ramon’s Village Resort we believe each guest is special, so we try very hard to make each person feel as special as they are. While you are our guest on Ambergris Caye, it is our goal to make your stay with us a very relaxing and stress-free time. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of services and amenities that we hope you will find enjoyable and accommodating.

Airport Shuttle

airport shuttle

Let us know your arrival information into San Pedro and we’ll be more than happy to pick you and your luggage up and transport you to your accommodations at Ramon’s Village Resort via our “Island Limo.” And if you decide to go back home (some folks don’t!), we’ll be glad to take you back to the airport and bid you farewell, until your next visit. This service is complimentary and just one of our ways of saying, “Thank you for coming.”

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Banquet/Meeting Services

banquet/meeting services

Plan to have your next party or meeting at Ramon’s Village Resort. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, wedding or just an excuse to get together, there’s no better place to do it than at Ramon’s. Your friends and family can stay together, play together and dine together. We can help you plan all of your activities, meal times and even provide set menus, if you prefer. Relax and enjoy-leave the details to us!

Looking for a place to hold your annual meeting or corporate retreat? Look no further! Don’t make your officers and colleagues sit in a dull boardroom again this year. Reward them by incorporating a little R&R into the necessary business at hand. Who says meetings have to take place indoors? Let us set up a place for your group outside under a palapa with tropical fruit and fresh seafood being served-the Belizean way! After a trip like this, there’s a very good chance sales and productivity will increase and an even better chance that your popularity will!

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Beach and Pier at Ramon's

Regarded by locals and visitors alike as “the best beach on Ambergris Caye,” the beach at Ramon’s Village Resort is a 500-foot long, well-manicured, section of white coral sand. Unlike the sand of North America’s coastal beaches, our sand is pearly white and cool to the touch, even on the hottest days, not hot and painful like Florida sand. Why? Because it comes from coral. That’s right, it’s coral sand, and most unusual, we might add. In fact, nothing in Belize is common, everything is unusual. And in most cases, spectacular!

The water of the Caribbean is fabulous for swimming, diving and snorkeling, with temperatures averaging the low 80s (Fahrenheit), making it enjoyable year round.

The beach at Ramon’s Village Resort is a great place for sunbathing or relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair and reading or napping in a woven hammock under a thatch palapa. But for the ultimate in relaxation, just spread a beach towel beneath one of our many coconut trees and listen to the rustling of the palm fronds and the lapping of the waves. You won’t hear it long-you’ll be sound asleep. Yeah!

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Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs

There’s absolutely nothing like choosing the perfect spot on the beach and relaxing on the thick, cushy cushion of a chaise lounge chair under a rustling coconut palm near the edge of the lazy Caribbean. What are you waiting for? We have a beach chair reserved just for you!

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Beach Towels

There is no need to use up valuable space in your travel bag packing beach towels. Every morning, Ms. Nena fluffs and folds clean beach towels so they’ll be ready for our hotel guests as they head to the pool and beach to enjoy their day. Drop by the front desk to get yours and feel free to trade them in for fresh ones as often as you like.

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Business Center

business center

If you didn’t bring your laptop, good for you! But, just in case you need to check in at the office or tell the kids you’re never coming home, feel free to visit the Business Center located in the lobby of Ramon’s Village Resort. There is a desktop computer, printer and fax machine. So go ahead and print whatever you need, fax as much as you like and Email everyone you know and tell them to come on down and join you in paradise-Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro, Belize on the island of Ambergris Caye!

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Concierge Services

concierge services

Though we’re not fancy enough to have a real concierge, Ramon’s Village Resort does offer concierge services. Our front desk clerks are eager to serve our guests in whatever way they can. They’re available to answer questions concerning activities and events, give directions, help with airline confirmations, you name it-we’re here to help!

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Conference/Meeting Service

conference/meeting service

Looking for a place to hold a meeting or have a conference? Look no further! Ramon’s Village Resort is the place. Who says meetings have to take place indoors? Let us set up a place for your group outside under a palapa with tropical fruit and fresh seafood being served-the Belizean way!

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Daily Housekeeping


Our friendly housekeeping staff takes pride in keeping your accommodations clean and fresh each day during your stay. In an attempt to conserve the water on Ambergris Caye, we give our guests the option to use their bath linens more than once by placing them on the towel rack. When our guests are ready for fresh linens, we ask that they place the soiled linens on the bathroom floor. We strive to be as “green” as possible.

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Deck Chairs

deck chairs

Since Ramon’s Village Resort is located right on the beach of the gorgeous Caribbean, we’ve taken every opportunity to provide ample lounging areas for our guests to enjoy the spectacular views. One of the favorite spots among guests of all ages is under the thatched-roof palapas adjoining the pool deck. The over-sized deck chairs, locally made of Belizean native hardwoods, with their thick cushions are just too inviting to pass up.

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Dive Shop

dive shop

Our dive shop, Ramon's Village Divers, is conveniently located right on the Ramon's Village Resort dock. Ramon's Village Divers is the oldest and most respected dive shop in all of Belize. Rick Sutherland has managed our shop since 1988 and employs only the best of "Belize's Best" divers to care for our guests.

Please refer to the diving section for more information about diving/snorkel trips or other activities that may be of interest to you during your stay with us on Ambergris Caye.

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Extending 400-feet from the beach, the dock at Ramon’s Village Resort is a very popular place! Not only is the pier home to our two dive shops and numerous dive boats, it is the launching point for many dive and snorkel trips, as well as island and mainland excursions.

The dock is also popular among our guests who just want to enjoy the invigorating sea breeze and spectacular views of the reef to the fullest. If you like to swim or sunbathe, take advantage of the swim platform with ladders leading into the ocean. While you're in the water be sure to take a look under the dock-you'll be amazed at what you might see: schools of fish, a canon and two anchors from an old Spanish galleon...just for starters.

After sunset, the end of the dock provides the perfect vantage point for watching the brilliant Belizean sky come to life with its legions of stars, sparkling in the heavens as though they were brand new.

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Event Catering

Beach Chairs

No party is a good party unless it has great food! Whether you’re planning something as big as a wedding at Ramon’s Village Resort or something as small as a romantic dinner for two on the balcony of the Presidential Suite, we can take care of everything from menu suggestions to specialty items, including some of the best pastry items you’ve ever put in your mouth.

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Friendly Staff

friendly staff

Several members of our all-Belizean staff at Ramon’s Village have been with us over 20 years, and many more have been here 10 to 15. We are grateful to hear comments that Ramon’s has “the best location,” “the best beach,” “the most beautiful landscaping,” “the most unique accommodations,” etc. But without a doubt, the comment that we hear the most and are most thankful for is, “Ramon’s has the best staff in the world!” We agree! We are blessed with wonderful people who make it their mission to make your experience at Ramon’s Village Resort the very best possible.

We love our staff and you will too! Take this opportunity to meet just a few of our smiling faces and read what some of our guests have to say about them:

Richard Headrick

Richard - “De Boss” and proud owner of Ramon’s Village Resort since 1987.

Ramon Nunez

Ramon - The namesake and world-famous, legendary host of Ramon’s Village Resort since 1982.


Einer - Manager of Ramon’s Village Resort, the guy who “makes things happen,”and a member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1993.


Rick - Manager of Ramon’s Village Divers and a member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1988.

Ms. Nena

Ms. Nena - “Mama” to the staff and laundress extraordinaire! A member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1987.


Celi - Our trusty bookkeeper and a member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1991.


Rommy - The magical chef of Pineapples restaurant since 1987.


Rugu - A member of the Ramon’s Village Divers team and member of the Ramon's Village Resort family since 1989.


Turiano - Dive master extraordinaire and member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1987.


Francis - A true lover of people and member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1992.


Steve - A wonderful Pineapples waiter and member of our Ramon’s Village Resort family since 1993.


Jack - Geography expert, exuberant Pineapples waiter and member of our Ramon's Village Resort family since 2003.


Joel - The outstanding Pineapples head waiter and member of our Ramon's Village Resort family since 2002.


Dedra - Dedra has worked as a Ramon's reservation and customer support specialist since 1998.


Melissa - Melissa has worked as a Ramon's reservation and customer support specialist since 2006.

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Gift Shop

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at Ramon’s Village Resort may not be the largest in Belize or on Ambergris Caye, but its unique inventory of gifts from not only Belize, but also around the world, makes our gift shop the most unique and interesting one on the island. Some of our items are large, but don’t worry, if you like it we’ll ship it to your front door!

In addition to gift items, we also carry a wide assortment of toiletry items, over-the-counter medicines, snacks for when you get the munchies, and beverages.

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Guest Library

guest library

We like to think of our guest library at Ramon’s Village Resort as a “living library” because it’s always changing. Our guests enjoy perusing the titles we have on hand and taking one or two to read. In exchange, they leave the ones they brought from home, which they’ve finished reading. We always have an interesting collection. Be sure to come by and take a look. The library is located adjacent to the Ramon’s Village Resort lobby.

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Nothing says, “don’t worry, be happy” quite like a hammock under the coconut trees. Each morning, we hang several of them up. And it usually doesn’t take long before several of our guests are enjoying them to the fullest. Some folks just know how to have a good time!

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Laundry Service

laundry service

One of the neat things about staying at Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro is you don’t have to bring a lot of clothes, unless you just want to. Why? Because Miss Nena and her competent laundry staff and housekeepers will keep the clothes you bring sparkling clean and tropically fresh. Just leave your clothes by your door in the morning and they’ll be back in your room before sunset.

There is a charge for these services and as the sample rate schedule below shows, our prices are very fair.

Laundgry Service Rates (US Dollars)

Shirt, short-sleeve $2.00 USD
Shorts $1.50 USD
Trousers $2.50 USD
Under garments $1.00 USD

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Location, Location, Location

location location location

Ramon’s Village Resort is conveniently located within walking distance of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. Though we have everything you need to enjoy a nice vacation on-site - accommodations, restaurant, gift shop, dive shop, spa, beach, pool-it’s comforting to know that when you stay with us you are also conveniently located to such things as a doctor, clinic, pharmacy, grocery store, ice cream shop. etc..

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Multilingual Staff

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America. However, Spanish is still very strong; therefore, most locals speak both languages. At Ramon’s Village Resort, all of our staff are fluent in English and Spanish, many also speak Creole and some even speak Maya.

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Instinctively you’ll make your way to the pool and deck area in front of Pineapples restaurant and the Purple Parrot. There you’ll find an 80’ long lagoon style pool surrounded by palm trees, authentic Mayan sculptures and tropical plants for days. One end of our pool is a giant Jacuzzi, secluded and inviting.

Our pool is home to "Rey Ramon," a 12-foot tall stone outcropping, hand-carved by Floyd Moro. The sculpture was carved from stone blocks exactly as Floyd's Mayan ancestors did centuries ago. "Rey Ramon" consumed two years of research, design and construction time. It is a rival to any ancient stella found to date at any archaeological site in Belize.

Lounge chairs are positioned around the pool area for your tanning enjoyment. When you get hungry or thirsty our pool waiters will see to it that all your hunger pangs and thirsts are quenched.

Two thatched palapas separate the pool and deck area from the beach. Beneath the pool palapas are plush deck chairs that invite you to sit, sip a tropical beverage, read a novel, people watch, and then slip into la-la-land and dream of what Heaven must be like.

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Don’t touch those bags! Remember, you are on vacation, so just give us a call when you’re ready to go and we will come to your room and assist you with your luggage.

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Restaurant on-site

restaurant on-site

Sometimes it’s more fun to “go out” to dinner. That is definitely not the case at Ramon’s Village Resort. Our restaurant, Pineapples on the beach, is outstanding! The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus all have a wide variety of selections to choose from, in addition to the daily specials. The food is just one reason to come to Pineapples, the location and the views are two more good reasons, but the best reason may be to meet the wait staff - you will love them!

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Room Amenities

room amenities

We strive to maintain an authentic, rustic, island charm at Ramon’s Village Resort that can be found nowhere else on Ambergris Caye. Each of our accommodations are tropically Polynesian, quaint and comfortable with such amenities as air-conditioning, ceiling fan, telephone, alarm clock/radio, hair dryer, coffee maker, complimentary coffee, mini-refrigerator, bath amenities, high speed Internet, balcony or veranda with chairs and safe deposit boxes at the front desk. Some accommodations have a microwave, kitchenette, stereo system with CD player, in-room safe, flat screen TV and DVD player.

Please refer to the specific accommodations category and type of cabana or suite you select to see what amenities are provided for you.

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Room Service

room service

Just being on a Caribbean island is a surreal escape from reality, but why not really pamper yourself - go ahead, order room service! From 6am to 9pm, you can have anything on the Pineapples restaurant menu delivered to your room. Our menu describes the wide variety of dishes that are available from our on-site restaurant. The prices on the menu are posted in Belize Dollars (BZE), so divide by 2 to get the cost in US Dollars.

There is no premium or surcharge for room service, but our wait staff would certainly appreciate a nice tip. Enjoy!

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The Beach Spa at Ramon’s Village Resort is located directly on the beach under a thatched-roof palapa located between the pool area and the Caribbean Sea. Your spa treatment will be enjoyed to the fullest underneath swaying coconut palms.

Lie back and relax as our certified massage therapists pamper you under a palapa cooled by the gentle Caribbean breezes that caress you and lull you into a dream-like siesta of tranquil delight. You will not want your time of ultimate pampering to end!

Take a look at but a few of the inviting treatments that are available at the Beach Spa at Ramon’s Village Resort:

Spa Service Rates (US Dollars)

60 Minutes 90 Minutes
Swedish Massage $80.00 USD $110.00 USD
Deep Tissue Massage $80.00 USD $110.00 USD
Hot Stone Massage $90.00 USD $130.00 USD
Sea Shell Massage $90.00 USD $130.00 USD
Maternity Massage $80.00 USD $110.00 USD
Manicure -- $30.00 USD
Pedicure -- $40.00 USD
Pineapple Facial -- $70.00 USD
Mayan Princess
60 min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, Pineapple Facial, Manicure and Pedicure
$190.00 USD --
Mini Escape
60 min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and a Pedicure
$110.00 USD --
Couples Massage
Choice of any massage for 2
$160.00 $220.00 USD

(Spa Packages for multiple treatments are also available!)

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Tour Assistance & Reservations

tour assistance

The Ramon’s Village Resort front desk clerks are eager to serve our guests in whatever way they can. They’re available to answer questions and make recommendations concerning excursions, tours and other activities, and make your necessary reservations. We’re here to help in every way possible.

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24-Hour Security Guards

24 hour security guards

We have security guards on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the safety of our guests against harm or harassment. The beach along the water’s edge is public; therefore, anyone is free to pass in front of Ramon’s Village Resort. Sometimes, those who pass by have things to sell such as jewelry or woodcarvings. We discourage the local vendors from approaching our guests who are trying to relax and may not want to be disrupted. However, you may invite a vendor to approach you so that you may look at their wares.

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Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Rentals at Ramon's

Want to explore the island of Ambergris Caye and the colorful little town of San Pedro? No problem! Hop into one of our big-tired, “green” golf carts and head on down the road. Some of our vehicles are “just for couples,” while others can carry four in comfort. They are conveniently located on-site at Ramon’s Village Resort and are readily available for you.

Why a golf cart to tour San Pedro? Because car rentals are taboo on Ambergris Caye. Why? Because we want you to enjoy your vacation Belizean style! There’s too much rushing here, there and yonder back home. Our island is a place to slow down, relax and unwind. So, take your time, mon - enjoy!


Vehicle Rental Rates (US Dollars)

Hourly Half Day** Full Day*
Two Person Cart $15.00 USD $55.00 USD $65.00 USD
Four Person Cart $20.00 USD $65.00 USD $75.00 USD

* Full day is 24 hours
** Half day is 12 hours

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Wedding Services

wedding services

Ramon’s Village Resort is the resort of choice for Belize weddings, receptions and your family and friends’ accommodations. You give us the date and our competent staff at Ramon’s Village Resort will handle everything for you. Whatever you want, whatever you need, ...Read More

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Wireless Internet Access

wireless internet access

For your convenience, all of Ramon’s Village Resort is Wi-Fi. As our hotel guest, you can have high-speed wireless Internet access during your stay with us. You can connect in your room, on the beach, in Pineapples restaurant, by the pool, or even in the pool if you like! But remember, you’re on vacation! So, go take a dive or go fishing - relax, will ya!

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Guest Comments

Guest Comments

“The staff went above & beyond for us & our guests.”
“The staff is what makes this place such a ‘Wonderful Experience’... they treat you like family!" — Katie
“The service is friendly and professional but also with a laid-back feel. It seemed like everyone working there (from the waiters to the dive staff) was in a good mood and genuinely happy to be there.” — Tom

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